National Bankruptcy Day


I’m not sure if I’ll have to stop making toys and selling them. I hope not but, what I’ve heard about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act  is making me worried.

February 10th is being called “national bankruptcy day”, because that’s when this act is set to go into effect. As far as I understand any manufacturer of any product intended for use by children under 12 must have third party testing done on every product and every variation of that product for lead and phosphates.  “Apparel, diapers, blankets (housewares), books, videos, computer and electronic products, strollers, cribs, car seats, and anything humans come in contact with in their environment.”

Now, I make one of a kind, plush dolls at home and there is no way I could afford these tests; they are ridiculously expensive. It might be feasible for a large company but for me it wouldn’t make any sense, but the regulation has no exemptions; they would treat us the same.  Right now, I buy all of my materials, retail.  However, you can’t, according to the new regulation, use tests done by your suppliers. The end product has to be tested. Also, if you ignore the regulation and sell stuff for children anyway, you can get fined per infraction and possibly go to jail. Simply, labeling your items for twelve and up isn’t an option because they are going by the commonly accepted use of a product; if its generally regarded as a children’s product the act applies.

I think its important to keep kids safe but the regulations are poorly written.  The bill passed congress in reaction to all the recalls if imported Chinese made toys that were found to contain lead last year. So, it has for the most part the support of the congress and the public. People just don’t realize that the way the thing is written now, it will put a lot of people out of business. Which is a really crap thing to do in a horrible economy.

For more information go here:

If you want to help, sign a petition and get a letter to send to your congressman go here:

CPSC’s FAQ on the act:

a summary of the act here:

An open letter from

Eugene the monster

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2 Responses to “National Bankruptcy Day”

  1. jdhastings Says:

    Nice of wordpress to link to articles in FAVOR of the law directly after your post. The one I read had no mention of the issues you bring up.

    If the problem originated in China, with them not conforming to existing US limits on lead, why does that necessitate lowering the current US limit? If China didn’t respect the last limit why is a lower version going to affect them? And if China is the problem, why are we putting the impetus on American Manufacturers? It just feels like no part of this actually addresses the issues of the problem its ostensibly being designed to combat.

    In fact, by increasing the costs of domestic manufacturers, and putting smaller producers like Daniel out of business, doesn’t that just mean larger corporations will increase their market share- and address the increased costs by importing more goods from China??

    I’m a good liberal and like strong environmental regulations, but it seems like this is just wrongheaded.

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