Back From Vacation (barely)

Holy hell I hate flying, but I do like seeing my family. There is no direct route to get to where they are so I know that a minimum of 4 flights are going to be involved, and in this extra special case there was five due to a plane malfunction. Many hours (a couple of sleeping pills and quite a few tears) later I landed back in the snowy wonderland that is NYC, and while I really enjoyed seeing my family it’s good to be home again.

While I was out there I spent a lot of time driving up and down the highways looking at the white sands, desolate buildings, and the shifting between narratives and abstract patterns I found with both. One building in particular really caught my eye and I spent some time taking photographs of it, I couldn’t help but think of my friend Robert Mars, who I linked to a few weeks ago when I saw it. So here it is.

I have more images to sift through and make decisions about, but right now I really need a nap.

-Toni “bunnie” Tiller


7 Responses to “Back From Vacation (barely)”

  1. Welcome home, lady! glad you’re safe and sound. looking forward to seeing more images from your trip.

  2. Flying must-haves: sedatives, neck pillow, hooded sweatshirt, earplugs.

  3. theobservantimagist Says:

    Flying? Definitely a sedative! Family? Another sedative!

    Striking images…..

  4. tonitiller Says:

    thanks guys! im finally starting to feel grounded again, and only about another 200 images to look at. ha!

  5. Whoever laid out those stars was a stickler for geometry. It’s amazing what one may find clear out in the sticks sometimes.

  6. I am actually in New Mexico right now. Spent the last week driving around AZ, TX, NM and CO taking photos for new work! Thanks for thinking of me with the photos.

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