I Play Well With Others

Or at least I play well with others work. This is a photograph I did based on sketch by Tom Bennett. He and I have been collaborating in the vein of a visual conversation for a couple of years, sometimes he works from photos I take and sometimes I take photos based on something he made. With these particular ones the challenge is always what choices to make, how to interpret abstract marks in a physical context, and how to get my image to relate to his while still being mine.

Study by Tom Bennett

Study Of A Study by Toni Tiller


10 Responses to “I Play Well With Others”

  1. Old memories. Well done.

  2. Tim O'Donnell Says:

    Who did which? Did you shoot the photo of yourself, or did you do the study from the other artist’s photo? I like the re-interpretation of a good photo. I appreciate how you use color value as well as the composition’s perspective to create the distance.

    • tonitiller Says:

      tom drew the picture, then i shot the photo of myself as an interpretation of the drawing, so it isn’t a reinterpretation of a photo, it’s a reinterpretation of a drawing. i remember shooting this one and it was quite a challenge.

      • Tim O'Donnell Says:

        Interesting idea. They definitely compliment one another.

      • Tim O'Donnell Says:

        Wow! Looking at it again after your response, I am so impressed how spot on the pose is.

        • tonitiller Says:

          thanks tim, this one was a bit tricky in that the pose and the lighting had to be just right, but in the end it worked out well i think. i have done more of these and will be posting them soon.

  3. When I first saw the collaboration, I had made the assumption that it was the other way around.
    i.e. that Tom had executed a loose drawing based on an odalisque self portrait photo you had done.
    If you were working from his drawing, then the challege was even harder. Setting it up must have involved double mirrors or trying to imagine his drawing reversed.
    In any event this is a masterful interpretation… and a great direction.
    You should do more interpretations from works of art.
    The museums are full of them …just waiting.

  4. it’s always great to see what happens when the two of you collaborate. how you choose to translate his mark making, what you include or leave out and your decisions to alter or stick close to the original image are all things i look forward to noticing when comparing a photo you’ve made from a Bats’ work. this one was particularly stunning for how directly you chose to interpret Bennett’s drawing in terms of pose and expression.

  5. beautiful!

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