The Identity Project Model Call

The Identity Project has been my creative focus since I began working on this last August, and I need your help to finish it. The model call information is below; if you or someone you know is interested, please get in touch with me a.s.a.p. Thanks!!

Model Call:

I am looking for both men and women of all ages (18+) and body types for a shoot that will be part of an eventual art show.

This call is ongoing, and will conclude once I meet my goal for the exhibition. I will need 24-30 people to contribute in order for this project to be realized, so I imagine that it could be a while before the show. In any case, the series deals with “identity”, where it comes from and what it means, and the photography portion of it will feature two simple shots of each participant in likewise conditions (and a third portrait, like the ones above, for promotional materials).

The premise is fairly simple; the location is a corner of my painting/photo studio in the city, and each model will have the singular prop of a white sheet. A few shots will be done clothed, and a few shots will be done unclothed. I can totally understand the issue some people have with getting naked, and I figured that it would be an issue for many people, so that is part of why I decided to include the white sheet as a prop. It will essentially do two things, one will be that it will allow partial to almost entire body coverage for those who otherwise wouldn’t do the shoot because of the nudity, and second, it will help people to naturally develop a sort of individualism in how they pose the sheet within the composition.

Contact me at if you are interested or for more info.

Compensation is TFCD. But, when I go about the limited run printing of these, maybe I can give everybody who participated a signed version of themselves. Plus, everyone who participates will definitely be invited to the opening.

Once again, 18+ only.


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