More Drawings from Harry

I spent Thanksgiving with my family and was happy to see my father, Harry, had been drawing over the last few weeks since I had seen him last. I went out and bought him some  Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens of various points, including a brush point. I happen to use them myself and I think they’re the cat’s pissah. Or meow, if you prefer.

Here are some of his sketchbook drawings for the Autumn season.  His comments and musings are always funny and/or revealing.

Tom Bennett


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7 Responses to “More Drawings from Harry”

  1. so funny! i can see where you get your sharp wit, there, Bennett.

  2. wow, so good to see him back in the groove!

  3. LOVE seeing these!

  4. Hi Tom, you don’t know me, but my father was also an illustrator, and did many Gothics back in the 60s and 70s. I’ve been working on a blog in honor of my father’s work, and as I do this I out other illustrators in the field of paperback covers. I heard your dad’s name mentioned often when I was a child. My dad admired your father’s work.

    In any case, I saw this site for your dad, and just had to say, hello! I really enjoyed seeing your dad’s work.


  5. Nancy Struff Says:

    Remember the bottle of wine? Maggie? Avon, CT? Cardavon Press? Oscar Wilde book signing????? I would be elated to have contact with you. It has been so very, very long. I have saved all of your letter (1976-1978) and treasure the Portrait of Oscar Wilde you created, just for me.

    Nancy and Erica (who is now to be 34 on Halloween) and two grandsons, Brady and Julian (3 & 1).

    I would so love to hear from anyone who can tell me how to get in touch with Harry.

  6. Kevin Rutan Says:

    Wonderful to See Harry. Again ,!! Tom I have a few of his work around the house and one in my studio . I can always hear is laughter much love he and all the bennetts gave me ! I can still your mom’s cry of Ice boys !! Plus Harry Jr. And I making her do Oliver do you remember that face she would make? Tom I do pretty good down here selling my art work but I know I am only a hack .but I love to paint and lately a lot of drawings in charcoal . Well it’s always sweet to remember your dad love Rudy kasutie !!

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