Work To Do

I was productive this weekend… just not so much with the creating finished art to post thing. I spent the last 2 nights helping to set up a show I’m in (At the Firehouse North Gallery at 1790 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA. It’s up now, the reception will be Saturday 12/19, and it’ll be up through the end of the month). It’s the first time I’ve helped with such an activity since college, and is more work than I remember, despite being a relatively small space. It didn’t help the first night when a random drunk guy who was desperate for attention wandered in for a couple hours to harrass us and people who stopped by. We would have asked him to leave sooner but we all thought he was somebody’s friend.

Anyways, we finished last night at 11, and I had all of 30 minutes to prep stuff to post today. Apologies all around.


What I did get to play with this weekend was cutting sheets of overlapping masking tape with my pazzles machine to make stencils to use on paintings. I usually don’t post the first results of methods I’m still learning, but here we are. I’m reasonably happy so far, but there are definite kinks to work out going forward.

The above work is the canvas I painted the pattern on. Here is the spent masking tape affixed to a sheet of paper:


3 more examples after the jump



I just realized there were 2 or 3 more pieces I forgot to scan last night. Oh well, more for later. I’ll post when we have an official announcement for the show.


5 Responses to “Work To Do”

  1. congrats on the show, Hastings! you should post pics of the exhibit here!

    i just got out of helping to hang a show i’m in this week. hurray for not being able to walk.

    • It was more work than I expected because we’re all aesthetes and had to visualize 7000 different potential alignments to hang everything, but overall it was rewarding and I think the space looks great as a result. When I have time I’ll take pics to post with the offical announcement.

  2. i really like these bulbous wavy shapes you’re using.

  3. […] above piece was painted using the Stencil method I outlined last week. Basically I lay down masking tape, have the Pazzles machine cut it, lay it on the painting and […]

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