Feminine Head: Always a Good Subject

That is a cheap way to get untold numbers of philistines to buck up the blog viewership, eh? Huh?
yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, this is a recent oil painting I did with a limited palette and heavy paint application. I’m thinking of Frank again. That’s Frank Auerbach, a painter who has held a place in my consciousness for years. The short interview should be read and is instructive; I find myself sharing some of his thoughts: No strict and rigid method of beginning a work; the act of destroying and reworking.
This painting is an example of a piece reworked and reworked, then completely destroyed to give birth to something else. Anyway, heres to the model and here’s to Frank!
Oh, yeah, one more thing. The photograph is terrible, I apologize.

Tom Bennett


TT, 2009, oil on canvas, 30″ x 24″


2 Responses to “Feminine Head: Always a Good Subject”

  1. the paint here looks just about edible. yum!

  2. meg Rorison Says:

    I really like the brushwork around the head, and the neck. I think the orange on the chest is quite effective as well.
    As for Frank, I connect to that process entirely. Almost every painting I do is destroyed and reworked. With that being said, I try to leave some paintings left raw and undone and see where that goes.

    also, you should put two lights on either side of the image, at 45 degree angles, with the camera on a tripod in between both lights. That will eliminate glare and give an even lighting.

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