Sweet Stress Warms the Bones

Tis the season!…. To freak the f#$% out trying to get everything done in time for Christmas. It happens every year. I know its coming, I think I prepare for it, and then suddenly I have to write out a hard schedule for my every activity for the next 2 weeks to accomplish everything that needs accomplishing.

Supposedly, when I switched from making Christmas Cards for everyone instead of full pieces, it was going to ease this pressure. Not really. Because they take less time, I can make more cards, and if someone gets one, then I have to give them to everyone who might get jealous that the other person got them. As of this morning, my list of people getting cards is 60 deep. I nees to finish all this by Tuesday at the latest.

I painted 20 sheets of paper last night just to have the materials. Things got hung up at a different phase, though, so I fell back behind schedule.

Anyways, here’s a preview of some of the cards I’m doing this Christmas. Not all will be this involved because someone always gets the Shaft, but I’m going to try to make as many of the multi-layered cutouts as I can.

JackJohnsonCard4 JackJohnsonCard1
jjCard2 Cards436

Each of these is 4.5″ x 4.5″. This piece is also 4.5″, but is made of 4 miniatures in a Warhol-esque presentation. Because I found it amusing to torture myself.

Most of the future cards will be much simpler unless they are for friends who won’t care if they get them after Christmas.

Only 55 to go. Woo hoo. Plus the work holiday party on Friday and an art opening Saturday. This is absurd.



One Response to “Sweet Stress Warms the Bones”

  1. I read somewhere that Christmas this year was being put off until after the holiday season.

    these are awesome and the little tiny ones that make up the 2nd piece is adorable!

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