Tribute to the Tribute to Jack Johnson

That’s Jack Johnson the boxing heavyweight, not the soft rock musician. My interest in him is related to a musician, however the man in question is Miles Davis, and his album, “A Tribute to Jack Johnson” (or just “Jack Johnson” since it was also the soundtrack to a film about the boxer by that name). This is the first of 2 tracks that comprise the album:

This is one of a few studio Fusion albums Miles released between 1969 and the mid 70s in which he assembled bands to play rough, extended jams that would later be edited together into epic compositions. The first of these, “In a Silent Way” is the name sake for one of my first safety pin pieces.

This time, I’m just playing with the cover:

Explanation of the process, a second piece and a repro of the original cover after the jump

The above piece was painted using the Stencil method I outlined last week. Basically I lay down masking tape, have the Pazzles machine cut it, lay it on the painting and have at it. As a result, I ended up with some expended tape that I could use to create a secondary piece:


Here’s the original album cover:

The masking tape stencil method seems like it should be similar to just making paintings then cutting them out and collaging them, but I think the value of the different methods is apparent.

However, I did make some cut-out versions of this design also, which I’ll post later, along with some general griping about how hectic this time of year always ends up being.



3 Responses to “Tribute to the Tribute to Jack Johnson”

  1. I think the second piece is superb. Great texture and colours

  2. Toni Tiller Says:

    agreed, greatly liking that red square.

  3. i dig ’em both. the simplicity and quiet subtle qualities of the first really appeal to me but I also love the bold contrast, pattern and movement in the second.

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