The Deserted Mansion

A vivid memory from my childhood in Connecticut is the old abandoned estate across the street from the house I grew up in. It had been owned by a Miss Mary Olcott, who incidentally had been born in Brooklyn (my current residence) in 1864.
Back when I was a kid it seemed small children were left to go exploring the neighborhoods freely and unsupervised. My older brothers, Mike and Harry, and I would sneak around the huge wooded property and found ourselves inside the old sprawling 19th century house essentially breaking and entering. I was perhaps 4 years old and I remember vividly the moving bookcases that revealed a hidden room and the monstrous silo we climbed to discover bats at the top. My recollection demands that on that specific day it was midnight, or at least dusk, whether or not it was. I was thinking about that creepy house’s interior halfway through working these monotypes.

Sleepwalk in the Olcott
Sleepwalk at the Olcott , 2009, monotype, 12″ x 12″

Sleepwalk At the Olcott 2

Sleepwalk at the Olcott 2, 2009, monotype, 12″ x 12″


5 Responses to “The Deserted Mansion”

  1. Your picture talks better than my words. Your art reflects my day and talks loudly. I like the paintings. Thank you

  2. I really enjoy both of these. Liking the new series and hope to see more.

  3. They’re wonderful, in my little opinion – thanks for sharing both the images and the story.

  4. Thank you for the responses.

  5. the sense of space and atmosphere in these is really nice. i like how they feel moody and still but manage to be dynamic images at the same time.

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