From the Archive: Thrtee Stage Blue Cascades

Crap, it’s Tuesday, isn’t it?  The Holiday “schedule” has destroyed my sense of time.  And Space, but that’s something else entirely.

This is from 2006.

Three Stage Blue Cascades
“Three Stage Blue Cascades” Acrylic on Canvas, with Safety Pins

The size of this piece varies because you can position it in different ways, but it’s roughly 4 feet wide by 5 feet long or something like that. It’s kind of a pain to store anywhere but on a wall because it gets tangled no matter what you do and you end up having to unhook safety pins and re-attach them in their new confriguration. It is currently hanging in an upscale eyeglasses shop in Southern California. Obviously.

Next week I’ll be more responsible with my post, I promise. Happy New Years, everybody.


One Response to “From the Archive: Thrtee Stage Blue Cascades”

  1. i love everything about this one. it’s beautiful and i lovelovelove that it can be modified whenever just by hanging it differently. even it’s cantankerous, demanding nature makes me giggle a little. “hang me on a proper wall or suffer the consequences!”

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