Hey Look, It’s Another One Of These

Last week I promised to have worked more on art in time for this week. Instead I spent my 3 day New Year’s Weekend with what I assume was swine flu. And don’t think I’m above whining about it.

Anyways, I did manage this before the onslaught. It’s a version of the cutout cards I was making, but in 10″ x 10″ pieces of canvas instead of small paper versions. Its not really ideal size to be scanned, so some of the sides got cut off, but… Swine Flu. Deal with it.


I’ll have another post later Tuesday. Random crap I found while rearranging my room. I thought I should post this instead you hate all of those, though. And I just realized I forgot to add a final small piece to this one that would help separate Miles’ chin from the trumpter. Crud. So far I’m not loving the ‘teens.

Livin for 2020 (Mad Dog, that is),



3 Responses to “Hey Look, It’s Another One Of These”

  1. oink oink. now yr the other other white meat.

  2. sorry, that was rude. what i meant to say was that your style really suits the subject of jazzy type music.

  3. Toni Tiller Says:

    i’m really enjoying the blend of colors and how you got some of those textures so line up so seemingly seamlessly.

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