Stuff I Found Rearranging My Apartment

I’ve been shuffling my apartment recently making room for new furniture, a process that forces me to deal with piles of forgotten art. Here are some of those. Typically when I run across them I go through a state of confusion wondering if they are finished, and if so are they any good? If they aren’t finished, what needs to be done with them? That can either lead to too many or too few possibilities and usually I either throw them out or hide them away again hoping to deal with it some time when I’m not busy cleaning.

If you have any input on where these stand, let me know. I’m afraid my art photography skills are somehwere sub-piss-poor for these. I apologize and will try to work on that.

18″ x 14″ mixed media, including random wood chips. This thing confuses the hell out of me.

14″ x 18″ mixed media. These were all cut by hand. The pain of doing so had a large part in getting me to buy the Pazzles machine.

more after the jump

14″ x 18″ mixed media. Why is collage type stuff “mixed” media, but video and stuff is “multi” media? Is this etymologically logical? Best essay on this subject wins a hearty pat on the back from me. This was made with the pazzles machine.

24″ x 18″ Mixed Media. This one really deserves a better photo. I actually like it… as a background. I just have no idea what to make as the foreground. Art. Its a pain in the ass. If I ever do finish it I’ promise to take a better photo.



2 Responses to “Stuff I Found Rearranging My Apartment”

  1. The first one, with the wood chips, makes me think of Norm Abrams. It suggests all the possibilities involved in buying a crap house and making it livable – the new floor, the endless painting of walls and trim.

    I can imagine it as something a homeowner might keep after a grueling renovation to tell stories to all of their unfortunate house guests – “That was the wood from the first floor – the darker bits are from the master bedroom, well except for the utility closet with the water heater, which has a tile floor; and that blue paint was from junior’s room, and the green is from the spare bathroom (we realized our mistake, it’s beige now) and this bit is from the kitchen and this is the front hall . . . . ” and so on.

    Even better if it were a shack at the beach and the wood strips reminded one of the stairs down to the shoreline where you could get away from the wretched money pit and all of its inherent issues.

    I think I like it.

  2. ah crap, i’ve tried commenting here 3 times and somehow keep losing everything i type. condensed verion:

    i like em

    1. wood pieces echoed nicely by diagonal line of canvas rectangles.

    2. dang! by hand!

    2. & 3. fun, playful, lyrical!

    4. i like it very much just as it is. makes me think it would be fun to work with varying the spaces between the shapes as an overall compositional element. there’s sort of a linear thing happening in the vertical center right now that’s really nice.

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