Prosthetic Party

I don’t really work in an office anymore, a situation to which there are pros and cons. Pro – I get to wear my pajamas to work and play with my cats while watching true crime shows and getting things done, cons – company Christmas parties are kind of small and not very exciting. Luckily this year I had the good fortune to be invited to another person’s party – at a prosthetic limb studio. What a fantastic experience, the walls and tables are all lined with custom made silicon molds and limbs and they even have their own full time tattoo artist to add personal touches at the patients request.  I was permitted to photograph as I pleased while enjoying the catered nibbles and open bar.


9 Responses to “Prosthetic Party”

  1. Wow. And full-time tattoo artist? Wow.

    I like the lighting on these.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      thanks terry.

      i had to use a flash because of the low light party atmosphere and when i uploaded them i didn’t care for the results in color so i decided to desaturate and degrade them a bit. i was happy with the floating limb effect.

      p.s. they feel really cool too. warm rubbery silicone that *almost* feels like flesh.

  2. markus bodicus diminicus Says:

    Those photos are awesome, really nice. lighting, composition. Joel Peter Whitkin would be proud…

  3. I like too, mouldmaking and all. I just hope someday robots aren’t made too human this way. Robots should always have claws, or “grippers”.

  4. Tommy Bennett Says:

    High fives.

  5. these are great–fun and creepy!

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      thanks steph!

      you know i was in heaven the whole time, poking my nose into everything. it was like an amusement park for bunnies.

  6. jasongrayfineartist Says:

    Really wonderful shots, Toni!! And congrats on the show in Cali!

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