Found this tonight…

Their statement: “White Flag Projects presents the Provincial Gallery Simulator. White Flag believes that negligent provincial art galleries operate with undue pretense, and abuse their inflated authority to routinely betray the good will of their patrons by exhibiting art they know to be compromised, by misrepresenting their motives and expertise, by effectively defrauding both their artists and clients, and by generally diminishing the environment for meaningful contemporary art as a result of their perverse curatorial behavior.

This video documents those patrons abused by the provincial gallery system between February 14th and February 17th, 2008, in the Front Room of the Contemporary Art Museum-St. Louis.”

White Flag Projects is a Contemporary Art Gallery in St. Louis. See more slaps here.


6 Responses to “Found this tonight…”

  1. made me laugh. and i swear my face stung after watching…

  2. haha! they got all those fools on camera. if the message is that galleries defraud people, then it is also that people just line up to take it.

    • jasongrayfineartist Says:

      True. I thought about that as well; if people are informed that they are going to be abused/taken advantage of, and they still line up for it, then who is really to blame for the cycle perpetuating?

  3. Larry Dolan Says:

    I can’t figure out why these genius’ are excluded from “provincial” galleries? What small community funded gallery wouldn’t want this amazing artistic statement! I feel so ashamed that I am part of a community arts organization that perpetuates “compromised” art. Boy they told me! Nothing like a little violence to slap me into shape.

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