Exclusive Painting Preview, sneak peek here first!

Today, I’m posting a few detail shots of something I’m working on now. This one is acrylic on metal. The whole piece is circular in format. It’s for a project being organized by someone else so I have an actual deadline for this one. That means there will definitely be a finished piece to post here soon. Really.

As you can see, I’m still practicing crafting exciting, attention-grabbing headlines. Maybe I’ll move on to writing exciting posts some time in the near future, too. Ya never know. For now, all I can offer are these detail photos because frankly, I’m uncomfortable showing you what the overall piece looks like in it’s present state. To see two more photos, follow the jump…

I kinda like that bit of busy background whatnot over on the right side in this last pic. Visually, I like the way the three blocks of color and pattern break the vertical slice of space up in an orderly way against the chaos of the paint, and I like the added color relationships. Hmmn, maybe this photo will influence how I resolve the painting. Those three sections beyond the painting are a stereo, a quilt (handmade by my lovely sister) and a funny old chair I picked up for cheap at The Salvation Army years ago. Of course I’d crop the pic if the purpose was purely to get across an accurate representation of the art. But I like to think of d’Arte Board as a special, laid back “behind the scenes” place where we all come to hang out and talk about things like process, technique, thought-flow and bacon.



9 Responses to “Exclusive Painting Preview, sneak peek here first!”

  1. there’s a lovely blue happening. and I like the quilt. huzzah!

  2. The warms and the cools work together wonderfully. The slice of background and its relationship to the paint you refer to is instructive for a future piece.
    Yo mama.

  3. If there’s one artist who can manage saturated colors well it’s you.

    Ten O’clock at nite (here) is no time for craving bacon.

  4. if you hadn’t mentioned it, I might not have noticed how the curled edge in the last photo looks like a thick cut rasher of proper bacon.

    Also, wow, those are some rich colours – having sat in the rain for most of the day today, I’m grateful you’ve share them. Yum.

    • hahaha! i didn’t even see that til i read your comment, Tarabu. i just thought Andrew needed a random bacon fix. glad i could bring some color into your day šŸ™‚

  5. […] to go but here are some more tight-cropped views of the same acrylic on metal piece I showed you last week. Now, who’ll be the first to tell me they liked it better before? There may be a prize […]

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