I started this portrait of my friend, Mariah, in August.  I nearly finished it within 3 days.  Then took 5 months to decide what to do with the hair.  I finally found a photo of a Native American woven basket that worked and called it a day.

“Mariah” Mixed Media Collage, 13″ x 10″

Part of me wants to add the outlines of glasses and some variation in the “windows” in the background. I’m unsure right now though.

After the jump I’ll post the original photo. I didn’t actually ask her if I can post it yet. Hope she doesn’t mind!




2 Responses to “Mariah”

  1. Toni Tiller Says:

    i like how you handled the windows, the curving lines down the leg, and the hair is perfect.

  2. How do you do that? The finished project looks so effortless – patches of sky glasses and reflections in the building windows would be cool and all, but it’s still amazing to see how it all came together, without the pieces fighting with each other. I’m in awe, once again.

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