Random Links

Here’s some stuff I’ve found throughout the week that you may find interesting. Or not.

  • Some remembrance of recently departed Howard Zinn
  • The New Yorker collected many of J. D. Salinger’s pieces for it in remembrance of him.
  • The Beautiful Brain wrote an overview of Brain Science that studies human interaction with art and aesthetics.
  • Behold the art of How to Report the News
  • I wrote earlier about UC Berkeley’s plans regarding its University Art Museum. Well, it turns out they are just going to renovate the existing printing press which is currently overrun with squatters. As has been the crawl space under my apartment for the last few weeks. Its a cosmic relationship we share, the museum and I.
  • Last night on Fringe they had a character who was an artist who took old books and colleged them into various forms of Nazi imagery to make a point about… I don’t know. It was a joke. I felt like they were specifically mocking me. You’re on notice, Fringe!
  • High Larity
  • Any number of McSweeny posts are easy to link to (such as their “Hit Singles from the 1990’s in Passive Voice”), but I personally loved the “Response by an aspiring screenwriter whose screenplay was turned down because it was exactly like Robocop.”
  • Finally, as an opportunity for local artists looking for display opportunities in family oriented automotive repair facilities I thought I’d pass this along. Welcome to the Craiglist artists section.
  • Now get back to work, damn it.


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    1. Wow, JD. Chock full of info. Thanks!

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