Sunday Sidewalk Doodle: Ramen Delight by StephG & Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown showed up, quickly disappearing bowl of ramen in hand, while I was doodling this. I invited him to draw. He grabbed a stick of chalk and said, “draw a hand coming up here.” as he added the bowl of steaming ramen. The long legs and feet on the step were also Brown’s idea. As Martha would say, spontaneous collaboration: it’s a good thing.

And now, the weather:
Our yearly January thaw was as sweet as ever with temps soaring into the 50s this past week. “All the better to crush you with my dear” said New England in a quick, blistery tumult of wind, snow and ice that road in just as soon as we’d celebrated the short-lived spring-like-ness with another round of ornate concrete temporality. The atomic clock read 9 degrees the other morning when I went out to clear the walk for the shank’s pony crowd. If only climate crisis would respond half as well as the rest of us to the likes of Lithium, Depakote or Abilify. Al could team up with the good sports at Pfizer and Eli Lilly to save the planet or at least mask the symptoms so Earth could burn out quietly under the general public’s radar. Ah, who am I kidding? Despite my Adirondack roots, I prolly couldn’t survive a “real” winter at this point anyway. Luckily, my Catholic upbringing won’t let me appreciate the upside to global warming without an appropriate measure of guilt.

Chronically Conflicted,


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