I Bought A Painting

I haven’t had a lot of time to make art lately because I’ve been busy turning my house upside down and gettig rid of HUGE amounts of stuff. You all have seen the pictures before so you know what I am up against. But on a more positive note I have a new sewing machine and a new painting from the MICA show I told you all about last week.

The show was pretty cool, there was a lot of work I hadn’t seen in my preview visit, and also one painting I had seen, but it was upside down. Meg hung it right side up and I decided I had to have it. Have a look.

Meg Rorison

I took few shots of other things I liked incluging this piece that reminded me of JD Hastings in it’s inventive use of masking tape, made by Jinhee Kang titled “The Five Compositions”.

Here’s a detail shot

I love Ryan Soper’s creepy medical inventions, here is “Aparatus #44-506”

Chaney Trotter and I had a nice conversation about our mutual love of dead things expressed here in her painting “Decadent Shelter”


One Response to “I Bought A Painting”

  1. Great use of color in general and complements specifically in the Rorison piece. I love the masking tape piece, though Mr. Mondrian just left in a huff that it didn’t remind anybody of him.

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