Oil on Canvas With Nails from Last Century: Sharps & Fragile Shells

oil on canvas with nails
22.5 x 27″

This one’s from about ’98 I think.  I painted it over an older painting–a self portrait.  So my head’s hidden under the egg there, and the title is “Egghead”.  OK, not really.  It’s not titled. Something I like about this painting is how the image kind of illustrates the life of the painting. The painting started off as one thing which I then destroyed to make something else in the same way the egg breaks to allow something new and more interesting to grow out of it.  That’s pretty much how paintings evolve for me.  I build them in layers that get covered up along the way in order that the end result is (hopefully) a more interesting whole.

*hmmmn, that pic’s a little blurry.   I’ll see if I can find a better one later to replace it.  Right now, I have to sign off and head to physical therapy.


*EDIT: I found a better pic and switched it. This one’s much clearer and can be enlarged by clicking.


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