I Made Something. I’m Not Sure I Like It Though.

But what I like even less it the fact that I haven’t posted any new art work in 3 weeks. So for better or worse here it is.


8 Responses to “I Made Something. I’m Not Sure I Like It Though.”

  1. I really enjoy the texture in this. The nose is a beautiful shape. The eyes have a nice shape I think maybe an outline on the upper lid would bring you into the eyes more or not. Nice work Toni.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      thank michie! i deliberately left the eye faded on this but i saved the plate an plan on working back into it next week with some bolder black marks. we’ll see what happens.

  2. Bettter thaNothing and quite fun to look at, actuallY 😛

  3. You may not like it but I think it’s cool. I love the deep shaddowy background and the mood of the piece.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      aww thanks! you know i don’t exactly dislike it, it’s just that making monotypes is a medium i struggle with, i don’t have the ease that someone like tom bennett does. to tell the truth i got so frustrated with this at one point i just had to go to bed and when i got up in the morning i gave it a half hour time limit and then printed it. it actually turned out better than i expected but you know how it is when you get a vision of things in your head and they just flat out refuse to arrive on the paper. 😀

      i am glad you commented though, it gave me an opportunity to hop on over to your blog and take a look at all those neat things you are knitting up. i particularly like that pointy star thing. i’d be tempted to stuff one with cat nip and wing it at my little beasties.

  4. self portrait? there’s a definite resemblance. i like it alot actually. it’s really quite beautiful.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      haha thanks! it wasn’t intended as a self portrait, but it sort of evolved that way after awhile. the drawing feels a bit compressed and flat to me, which is i think what is bugging me, but i am going to play more next week. we’ll see.

      thanks for all the feedback everyone!

  5. i like it as well.

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