Lisa Selby

We all “met” Lisa in a particularly pedantic art group on Myspace that shall remain unnamed when she was creating lush and visceral paintings of herself and her friends. She has since moved on to pursue her MFA at Goldsmiths and is re-contextualizing  charity shop figurines, giving them the opportunity to become social commentators. I like them, and I think you should go to her website and have a look around.


7 Responses to “Lisa Selby”

  1. marcus bodicus maximus Says:

    hey neat. i like stuff like this. tanx, Toni!

  2. Thanks Toni. Much appreciated.

  3. Wow, just checked out the site- its a pretty radical departure from the earlier paintings. I liked the old stuff but enjoy watching development too. I really enjoyed these pieces, particularly the cats with tea pot hats, Che boy and the killer Bunnies.

  4. Hahaha, Love iThanks for sharing Toni 😛

  5. fantastic work! i love an artist who can toggle between mediums this fluently.

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