I have a large family made up of incredibly complicated connections, biological, extended, adopted, etc. This is Siri, he fits into one of those categories. He recently made a big change to his appearance and we thought we would commemorate it with a photo, and the still falling fresh snow seemed like a suitable background.


7 Responses to “Siri”

  1. marcus bodicus maximus Says:

    lookin’ good Siri! so, um, what’s the change–no cock-in-tow? just kidding! he looks all spiffy, though i’m having trouble making him out on this monitor.

  2. hey, looks great! very flattering.
    nice photos, too! the choice of background is really nice–dark figure against stark bright background is striking, and the linearity of the snowy trees is a nice echo of the tousled locks.

  3. Before and After? I got nothin’ to run on.
    I live in this stark contrast at home for some of the year. Sometimes sunglasses are called for even when it’s overcast.
    Please to meet you, Siri.

  4. Siri’s chakras are layered like a cake.

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