Something Old, Something New

So I’m still out in the desert and there isn’t a whole lot of time for making art. Grandma’s face healed up and besides we shot that last week anyway, so instead we looked at some old things and I found two little drawings my Grandfather made for my Grandmother back when he was in the service. My family tends towards the craftier side of art, building, sewing, quilling, and my Grandfather in particular was a person interested in solid tangible things (he built our house) so it was fun for me to find these more whimsical items.

I also decided to take part in one of our readers weekly photo challenges. Shutterboo has a fun thing going and a Flickr Pool if you want to have a look at other submissions, or better yet join in. This week’s theme was “Suitcase” so I made use of the old one my Mom had stuffed in her closet and the unparalleled background I had at my disposal. This is also the first thing I have done that is close to a self portrait in almost a year. Maybe one day I’ll get the guts back up to put in more than just my calves.


15 Responses to “Something Old, Something New”

  1. I love the old and new concept. I love the idea of expanding on the past in this way. Although I would love to see more of your self-portraiture, I think the image of your calves only is spot on here! You create mystery and the viewer’s own familial memory takes over to create their own story.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      thank you tim, and i agree with you, i had a wider shot that just didn’t work so i cropped it down. in part to create a better composition, but also a tighter narrative. it was a little less scary to get back in front of the camera than i thought, then again it was only knees down. i’m working my way back up i guess.

      i’d also like to thank my skirt for thoughtfully reflecting the line of the mountains.

  2. I love it! The photo really tells a story.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      thanks shutterboo, i can’t seem to get it uploaded to the flickr group though. not sure why. i left a more detailed message over on your site. i am the first to admit sometimes i have, uh, technical issues.

  3. Was your grandfather a draftsman?

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      he was. he was also an executive, a policeman, and a politician. we don’t do singular career paths in this family. 😀

  4. Love iThanks for sharing !
    All those brand names have got nothing, compared with Your genes 😛

  5. The drawings your grandfather did are sweet. I love this photograph, it’s so stylized. All the elements in the composition add interest. It’s not so easy to make compositions that aren’t just snapshots with photography. You are skilled at your craft. Nice work!

  6. The photo is another fine composition revealing the marriage of form and concept. Well done. Your grandfather’s drawings from the service remind me to find some of my father’s from World War ll. That era is fascinating in its apparent innocence.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      thank you tom. grandma is letting me bring home the box of letters and clippings to scan and put up on the internet. i am terribly excited.

      • jasongrayfineartist Says:

        Funny how our lives have had some parallels lately; last week you mentioned KISS in the pic of your grandma after her injury, and I read that as I was waiting to post the results of my own “KISS” shoot. This week, you mentioned that your grandma is letting you bring home a box of letters and clippings, while my grandma told me that she is setting aside all of the cards and letters that she has saved (going back to at least the 50’s) as she cleans out her bedroom. If we both get these scanned in at the same time, that should make for an interesting week on d’ArteBoard! Great photo, BTW!

  7. I envy you your story-telling, picture-sharing elder. Between having nine aunts and uncles making it slim pickings in the photo memorabilia department, and the clamming up about the past in general I feel quite bereft in this regard, though there was probably a lot to tell. My grandma’s 91 and won’t say much about the Great Depression, or trying just to get the hell out of Dust Bowl southeastern Nebraska after turning 18. One can only imagine. With eleven brothers and sisters they got by selling rags, her father probably an alcoholic and hapless farmer. All I have is one handed down near-Cain and Able story about two of her brothers fighting. One almost bleeding to death from a wound by a sluice.

    But about those gams. This reminds me what my favorite professor once taught me about how one part of an eggshell could indicate about the whole shape to which it belonged. So…feed us bit by bit. Don’t rush solving the enigma.

  8. nice post, toni. your grandpa’s drawings and the story they tell are sweet. what a fun and fascinating bit of family history to find! it was a nice intro to your self portrait which is a really nice image all on it’s own.

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