I sometimes wonder what place my semi-dispassionate nature and the circumstances of my life have in the creation of my art. I had been lucky enough to have been born into a stable family with loads of support and, outside of the average run-of-the mill crisis, I haven’t spent a lot of time in an emotionally  perilous state. No such stridently awful moments in adolescence that would see me trying to purge my demons as an adult,  and so my psychological state has been in balance.  How does this play out in my art-making? I do know that there is a lot of subconscious murk buried deep inside, I just don’t spend enough time consciously examining it; I make paintings instead. I’m thinking about this because I’ve known so my artists in my life who have struggled with psychological or emotional pain – real, imagined and self-inflicted, and I ask myself  how this informs the art. Does it make that art more emotionally and intellectually valid than mine?

Oh christ,  I apologize if this commentary is coming off a bit adolescent. Hey, I’m 10.

Oooookay… anyhoo, posted here are some drawings from the subway and one drawing I pulled out of my a– eh, my subconscious.

Subway, 3/01/10-A, pen and ink and benzyl

Subway, 3/02/10-A, pen and ink and benzl

Subway, 3/02/10-B,  pen and ink, benzyl ink

Subconscious Image of a Figure, pencil, india ink, benzyl ink


12 Responses to “Lucky”

  1. Regardless of your emotions or intellect, your talent shines through your art work. Art is as different as the people who create it.

  2. Great stuff, Tom…
    There’s no need to intellectualize Art
    It SimplY is what it is 😛

  3. I enjoy your artwork. Why are you questioning the validity of your work?

  4. Thanks, Sid and Tom. My work emerges from expressive concerns, rather than intellectual. I’ve always been fine with that. Again, I’m just musing here.

  5. why worry about shit like that when you can do shit like this. Better to take off your pants and break out the ice cream.

  6. I really like the second one.

    In the last, she has such a dirty bottom. Perhaps modeled on Steph after eating gluten products.

  7. I like the way the washes bleed out of the lines in these, BigT. that and I like listening to yr musings. It’s generally of interest to me to hear what other artists think about these sorts of things.

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