Glimpse into Process

Last night I tried to create a smaller version of the Red Flower piece I posted last week. If there are 2 ways to go about accomplishing a task:

A- detailed thought and preparation lead to the execution of the desired result or
B- making every mistake possible, sometimes repeatedly, until I have no other option but to do something correctly

I tend to accomplish things via route B. I try to go route A, but until you get your hands in something it can be difficult to visualize. Last night I made 2 separate mistakes that required me to undo an hour or more worth of work to fix then start over. At the end of the night I was pretty depressed about this, but I woke up today pissed, with the conviction that this stupid 8″ x 8″ proof of concept couldn’t beat me. And I’ll start rolling the boulder back up the hill today. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what I’m supposed to do now. In fact I dreamed about it in detail last night.

Here are some of my sketchbook diagrams for the original Red Flower piece:



The second one kept me occupied during a meeting at work. As of this morning I have an extra 5-6 pages of scribblings, but no scanner. You’ll see it some day…


2 Responses to “Glimpse into Process”

  1. Reminds me of something. I would like to get back to an idea I have for making a mold for cast-stone fence.

  2. […] This is a physical, 8″ x 8″ sketch of the type of “Flower” pieces I’ve been posting lately. […]

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