Trying Something New Again

Tom Bennett was nice enough to lend me a portable printing press so I can play around with making monotypes. My hope was that when I do it in the comfort of my own bedroom I will be less likely to drive myself nuts and so far that has proven to be true, the surprise in that is that it isn’t because of the location, but the choice of materials. For awhile I have been interested in the idea of printing on fabric, a decision based partly on curiosity but also partly on lack of appropriate paper. What I found right away is that fabric is far more selective about what it does and does not want to pick up from the plate so all of my usual fussiness is a huge waste of time. This is a good thing as far as I am concerned, it forced me to let go and make bolder strokes, simplify ideas, and just generally relax a little.

This is the very first one, and I am going to swear that I made a plumed duck on purpose.

And this one is loosely based on a landscape photo from a Facebook friend.

Oh and while I have you here, JD mentioned yesterday how the solution to his problem came in a dream, I can’t claim that exactly, but it seems a perfect opportunity to mention my side project. Feedback welcome on anything and everything, as usual.


2 Responses to “Trying Something New Again”

  1. I like to see you’re loosening up. “Direct and energized” is a good thing. I’d also like to see the full credits for an artist’s work: size, medium , title, etc. Humor me?

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