Holey WIP Update

Here’s how the work in progress is coming along. The photos will enlarge if you click them, and I think it’s worth it to get a better idea of what it really looks like. It’s not just flat illusion. There’s thick impasto and that’s a big hole through the panel. In the first picture you can see out my studio window through the hole which is a little confusing visually. I put a clean masonite panel behind it in the other photos which hopefully makes things easier to read. The images are in sequential order. The last one is the piece in it’s current state. It’s not finished yet. I expect there will be plenty more progress shots in future posts.

Alrighty then, I’m out like the vicar in a tutu. Big love to you all!


2 Responses to “Holey WIP Update”

  1. […] the hole. Once that’s ready, I’ll decide if the panel needs more work. For comparison, here are the photos of what it looked like last week, and here are some photos of things that sparked […]

  2. […] in seeing process shots from along the way, I’ve been posting them as I worked here and here and here. Finishing this was a bit of a pain in the butt. I had an idea of what I wanted to happen […]

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