Butter Face

This is not pretty, but not all sketches happen on paper. This is another post about process.


This is a physical, 8″ x 8″ sketch of the type of “Flower” pieces I’ve been posting lately.

Because I hadn’t made on of the Flowers in a couple years I needed to remind myself how to make them. Additionally, while its hard to tell, I figured out how to construct layers of these around each other for an effect like this, but with the different shape.

This one turned out ugly because I used whatever scraps I had laying around regardless of color and used too small of a frame to adequately house the thing. I will likely un-stretch it once I start working on bigger versions and use the pieces in something else. However, the lessons learned in making this turd make it far more valuable than it appears.


PS, this song is freaking hilarious:


5 Responses to “Butter Face”

  1. i actually think this sketch is really cute, the way it’s so round and busting out of it’s space and the really saturated colors. it’s cute in almost the same way a toddler is cute wearing diapers all tucked into funny little pants that spin and twist out of alignment with the kid. or in the same way Genndy Tartakovsky characters are cute. or in the same way single-celled organisms under a microscope are cute. what? shut up, i mean the way I think these things are cute. if you did a whole buttload of these and hung them all on a wall together spaced unevenly based on how the shapes and sizes related to each other i think it would be fabulous. but of course, the hell why would you do that if you hate this? well, i’d totally donate the wall.

    • This was actually made at first to test whether just that sort of series would be best fit on 8 or 12 inches. The answer is: 12-14 inches. This is just too messy and uncertain to base a series around. Sort of like you wouldn’t go to war with an army of cute yet deformed mutant clones.

      So that’s still one of the 2 plans. The other is a single bigger piece with concentric forms. I’m not sure if the series will be mounted together or hung separately down a hall like you describe yet.

      And until then, the scraps that make this up would probably be more valuable in something else…

      • oh but i WOULD go to war with an army of cute yet deformed mutant clones. and i’d win, too.

        • Hahaha- What’s weird about my saying that is last night I thinking about explaining why I used colors I didn’t like together because “You go to war with the army you have.” But then I felt wary at attempting to justify anything with a Don Rumsfeld quote…

  2. […] week I’m finally posting something that formed the basis of this post and this post. Those were both sketches to teach me how to make this or to help me visualize a color scheme that […]

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