Free Love.

Well, actually the title of the book for which this Harry Bennett illustration was done is “Young Love”. But it’s free for you to look at. Hell, it cost me money to buy it from someone on Ebay. It’s apparently been floating around the country for decades.

My oldest brother Harry modeled for the young mechanic/Don Juan pictured on the pavement. He was in high school and I remember this well. The girl might have been someone named Liz Menton, a local beauty. You can tell how ancient this is by the psychedelic hippie-dippy Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang jalopy. That was what you drove if you were on the cutting edge. I guess it still is.   The details are fun for me: I remember those  monkey wrenches, and the gasoline tank was a staple of the old barn-like garage behind the house on Main St in Ridgefield, Ct.   This was painted in oil on a special gypsum gessoed board my father had especially made by a guy in Long Island City. His company was named Anjac. I still have a stack of these boards in my studio; I use them sparingly. The surface is absolutely marble-like with a superb absorption quality.

Harry Bennett, 1969? oil on gessoed board


5 Responses to “Free Love.”

  1. wow! how awesome that you were actually able to get a hold of this, and what a fun illustration!

  2. Shake yr Bodah Says:

    RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRacy! i grok, man…

  3. I noticed the marvelous illustration above and noted the ANJAC gesso board used.
    I am a medical Illustrator interested in the old pen and ink and carbon dust techniques of the past. I was sent a supply of boards and am trying to find something about them.
    On the back is:
    Illustration Bristol
    11 x 14 22 x 30

    These are a fine white clay coat on heavy backing. What were the preferred usages, if you know, or where can one find out?

    • I’m curious as to how you aquired those boards because i believe Anjac Products has been defunct for quite a few years. My father, Harry Bennett-who created the above illustration- contracted the owner of Anjac to artisinally make the gessoed boards specifically for ink and egg tempera mediums. Harry used Pelican, Dr Martin and india inks applied with brush for a variety of projects as well as utilizing a razor-blade reductive technique to carve form. I don’t have specific knowledge as to medical illustration applications, but I would be very interested in seeing any work you may do using the boards.

      • I am a self-taught Medical Illustrator and a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators.
        I began learning my craft in the period of of transition from traditional to digital methods. I loved the Carbon Dust techniques as well as Pen & Ink and an older colleague sent me her board supplies when she retired…. Quite a trove and I’ll make sure I do this rare gift some justice. I will send a link as I create pieces on these vintage Anjec and Ross boards.

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