Okay, this is one of the few drawings I can access on Flickr right now so it’ll have to do. These are based on a painting by our own Tom Bennett a few years ago. His own was based on Velasquez and Bacon, which sounds like a good breakfast.

These were made as studies for something I’ll finish some day.


Better luck next week, eh, Flickr?



4 Responses to “Popope”

  1. Hey people.

    I’ve been stuck at a air port in Oslo for 4 days without being able to find a flight back home. This is truly getting frustrating, I am not even receiving virtually any reimbursement from the airline.

    Any one else in the exact same scenario or have a buddy with the exact same complications?

    I’m sorry for this complain post however I felt that I had to express my annoyance.

  2. One might have read that the makers of South Park are now being threatened for their life by Islamic extremists for airing an episode featuring Muhammed.

    If you’ve seen the show you may know that they did not even show him. Anybody think that this has gone unbelievably too far?

  3. Whom ya think could win Stanley Cup the year 2010? My money is on Chicago Blackhawks.

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