This Is Why You Were Looking At Salami Last Wednesday

I was a little busy, but not quite as busy as Lauren. You may remember her from these three posts and as you can imagine she couldn’t stay that way forever. Last Tuesday was the big day and I had the honor of being invited to assist and document the arrival of their first child.

I am glad I took photographs because even though it all took a very long time, it passed quickly in a sort of semi-hallucinatory way. The walking, breathing, and focusing created a strange sort of group hypnosis with Lauren at the center as we moved around quietly tending to the needs of the moment, fresh air, hot water, back rubs, juice, fruit, cheese, and little jokes to keep her mood light. I’m not generally a person deeply attached to tradition for the sake of it, but I was moved by the sense of continuity and the history of women serving each other as hand maidens to the birthing process. I felt connected to something old and profound.

We welcomed Kalman George Pare Wallace into the world just as the light changed for the day.


7 Responses to “This Is Why You Were Looking At Salami Last Wednesday”

  1. toni, these pictures are wonderful and your post is inspiring. i’m so happy you were able to be a part of such a miracle and i totally agree with your outlook in terms of childbirthing traditions via women. i can imagine the whole experience and remember my own like yesterday. it’s one of the most powerful and transcendental experiences in life. blessings….

  2. Very successful photographs; strictly on a formal basis the composititons alone are each very solidly structured. Emotionally and conceptually of course these can take various paths depending on the viewer. Well done.

  3. nice. i especially like the fourth one down. there’s a quiet intensity to these that i imagine really relays the atmosphere of the experience.

    • Toni Tiller Says:

      i am so pleased to hear that came across, because it really was like that. nothing like what you see on tv or in movies, no screaming/crying/cursing/carrying on, she seemed to hypnotize herself and we all went with her.

  4. jasongrayfineartist Says:

    Great shots, Toni!

  5. Meg Rorison Says:

    These are beautiful!
    I love the second one in particular, the light and composition are so delicate.

    Do you know Elinor Carucci? Nan Goldin?
    You would really enjoy their documentation of couples.

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