I’m actually a crazy cat lady, but if there were a place where you could drop a buck or two to rent a french bulldog puppy for an hour or so, I’d be broke. You’ve probably seen that video of the squishtasticly adorable french bulldog on it’s back rolling side to side over and over again in a futile attempt to right itself. (No?! OK, I’ll post that, too at the end.) But have you seen the one of the tiny new pup with the squooshy frog butt trying to threaten a confused cat? Or the one of the plush little porker lying on his back fast asleep like a cute drunken troll? Well, other than gessoing a couple of panels, I haven’t done anything in the studio this week so this is what you get. Watching silly videos and doing yardwork in the sunshine is how I’ve kept my spirits up. We just lost one of our long time feline friends to old age so I’ve been a little down. Right well, looklooklook! Every time I watch these I giggle.


4 Responses to “I am NOT A DOG PERSON!!!”

  1. Ditto to that…but I have admired the larger, faster hounds in how they run.
    Had thought of getting a Scottish deer hound for up here but for the fencing it would require on three acres. Had originally thought of getting an Irish wolf hound, but a rescue lady told me they only live about 6 years, consider themselves at some point to be 140 lb. lap dogs that don’t do tricks, dig holes in the lawn about the size of VW Beetles, and eat as much as a male teenage human.

  2. Paintpusher Says:

    These videos are too funny! The cat in the first video is being remarkably well-behaved.
    Sorry to hear about your kitty.

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