Sketchy Stuff

8 x 10 inches
nails, gouache and acrylic on matboard
blubbityblubbitybluh. I don’t have much to say today. The sketches I’m posting today are related to this one I posted a while back. For these photos, I placed something white behind the holes, but really, I don’t think white looks best behind them. Unlike my larger paintings where I always place something behind the openings, I sometimes like to leave the holes in these sketches open or empty. If I were to frame them, I’d probably float them on top of a darker matboard. One more after the jump.

8 x 10 inches
gouache, acrylic and graphite on matboard



8 Responses to “Sketchy Stuff”

  1. markie b Says:

    i love these because they’re loose and i can totally see your “line” in them. it’s like how i can recognize yr handwriting, sorta. they’re organic. i sense growth, but also destruction, possibly one brought on by the other.

  2. Bats Battaglia's Frozen Concentrate Says:

    You shouldn’t have to say anything. These are beautiful, more work that suggests all sorts of possibilities, not the least is the satellite
    topographical map connection I get.

  3. Toni Tiller Says:

    i like the swirling circular patterns, and personally i see pearls in oysters

  4. Thanks B and T! I love hearing these kinds of associations. It shifts the way I think about the work and broadens my perspective. also, i’m too tired to say much more so ty for the OK on the mum, Bats.

  5. Beardo Says:

    I enjoy these. Especially the 2nd one.

  6. Just now vinoed up enough to stop and see. I don’t know what to say.

    Can volcanos be delicate things? The graphite seals the deal on the bottom one for me. I’m torn between water erosion associations and volcanism.

    I wish I owned a volcano. I have too many nails though.

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