My Own Reality Show

More monotypes from the series of self portraits. Of these pieces I’m unsure of the success. They skirt the line of unfinished thought and tangible expression. I don’t know, and I’m ok with that.
Tom Bennett

Memory 1

Memory 1, 2010, monotype, 14″ x 18″

Memory 2

Memory 2, 2010, monotype, 14″ x 18″


4 Responses to “My Own Reality Show”

  1. Ann O'Nemus Says:

    Perish the (unfinished) thought…that’s about as “tangible” as we need it to be.

  2. Tom Brown Says:

    I’d pay to see an animated movie in the style of Tom Bennett.

  3. Thanks for the comments-
    and Tom, that would be one exhausting cartoon.

  4. Well, it surelY leaveSome bits to the imagination, which might also make for somEven more interesting bobs, whenever You get Your lazY ass out of that bed Tom, and that iSomething tangible I’d like to see 😛
    AnywaY, Mr. Bennet Jr., the 1st one just as it IS actuallY verY nice…..

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