Self Portrait



A clearer early version after the jump.



Wearing a dusk mask and holding a pallete knife.


4 Responses to “Self Portrait”

  1. Toni Tiller Says:

    i don’t know how you’re making these in photoshop but i really like them.

  2. Wonderful Self Portrait. I enjoyed it greatly. The visual story of your pictures covers our sad reality with the childish wonder and thus rehabilitates the viewer. The artworks not only embellish our being but awake too and force to think. Thank you for the sharing of the light that inspires.

  3. all i want for christmas is that bottom image on a t-shirt. the palette knife might take some explaining, but i think that makes it more fun.

    really, i love these!

  4. Yeah, sure it is (a palette knife).

    I keep wanting to make a shaped wall surface the likes of these, influenced – of all things – by Hiberno-Norman chevrons on columns in Ireland. Would that be so outre’?

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