Pazzles Superbun! (A Sketchy Portrait)

about 8 x 10 inches
collaged pazzle pieces a la JD and acrylic on matboard

I was delighted a few months back when Mr. Hastings sent me a package that included a stash of pazzle pieces, the likes of which we’ve seen in many of his works. I was even more delighted to find among the pieces several silhouettes of our favorite cottontail. Above is one of the collages I’ve made incorporating said lapin.

Whelp, time to hit the bunny trail. I may (or may not) return later with more sketchiness.

Quick EDIT:
In the spirit of JDawg, here’s this post’s fitting musical accompaniment.


4 Responses to “Pazzles Superbun! (A Sketchy Portrait)”

  1. Knew it was a matter of time.

    Pi has an addictive rhythm section. Any relation to Cake?

    Can just hear that now at a venue: “Would you rather have Pi, or Cake?”

  2. I love it! I particularly enjoy how you’ve turned them around to create a sort of parallel path between them and how they sort of resemble profiles. I have a lot more random crap laying around that I should send you.

    • thanks, JD! your random crap is my treasure! I’ve shared some pazzle pieces with the kids who come make art here, too, and they love them. There’s one kid in particular who seems to have trouble coming up with ideas but he does well when there’s something there to function as a jumping off point. He made a number of ATCs using just one pazzle piece and a haiku based on what the shape made him think of.

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