Acrylic TadpolesWaterfallLeafed Abstract Finish

It’s done. Whaddaya think?

acrylic and composition gold leaf on panel
24 x 24 x 2 inches

This one was fun to make. Aside from the actual painting being enjoyable, I got a big kick out of hearing what specific imagery people extracted from the nonobjective forms, textures and colors. Sometimes, when that happens with nonrepresentational work, I really want to scream, “IT”S JUST PAINT!” and then borrow Daniel’s exploding cotton candy cart and blow the literal bastards up. This time, not at all. I dunno why. Maybe my somewhat abrasive, tightly wound self is beginning to soften and unwind. Maybe I’m just tired. Generally, I spend the bulk of my days in the company of nearly silent feline friends who seem to have a deep understanding of the abstract.  I make nonobjective art and they offer scant commentary on things like composition, color relationships and paint handling.  But things have changed a might at the homestead, and there were many studio visitors while this was in progress. In the post title, I mention some of the things people saw in this one while I was working on it. If anyone wants to test my endurance for matrixing by offering up their own interpretation of this one in the comments, I’m totally up for hearing what you see.

I’ll include a buttload of progress photos after the jump cuz it’s fun to see that sorta thing, right? Well, I like it anyway.
Process starting from beginning to end:

And once again, the finished painting:

Alrighty, thanks for looking!


10 Responses to “Acrylic TadpolesWaterfallLeafed Abstract Finish”

  1. this is really cool

  2. Love the sequential states. The underpainting progression is telling, and the 6th and 7th states have some wonderful color and shape relationships, as does the finish. Your glazing is great! As for matrixing, I agree that it s annoying with nonobjective work. So I’ll be annoying! I see reproductive organs, sperm cells racing down the fallopian tube, hemp and crowded escalators at bloomindales. I also hate using exclamation points!! And the verticals here make me want to jump.

    • thanky Bennerooner! but you know, IT’S JUST PAINT!!! eheheheheh! and one more ! for good measure.

      hmmn, i should’ve included some details, too to show how the texture built up as it progressed. maybe next time.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the progress photography, and the end result. I mean, capturing the progression isn’t necessary, it just brings a narrative and a somewhat personal glimpse at the artist’s process. It’s neat to watch the changes, the push and pull into focus, the fine-tuning into depth.

    • thanks, Andy. I like seeing process shots so I figure others will, too, especially since they’re been requested in the past. it’s just tough to remember to take photos when you’re working.

  4. Tom Brown Says:

    I like image # 2 the best with the black lines on the tan paper. That speaks to me. The finished image is interesting, but image # 2 has some sort of musuemy feel to it.

  5. I’m going through the archives here looking at some images of works to include in an upcoming show and I think I’m going to title this one “I also hate using exclamation points!!”. Thank you Tom Bennett for the title.

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