So It Finally Comes To This

*UPDATE* New photograph uploaded.

Last week fellow d’Arte boardist Toni Tiller was in town and taught me some basic tips on how to use a heavy duty sewing machine my friend Sam had given me.

“4 Quilts” Acrylic on canvas, quilted 24″ x 24″

Yesterday morning I started with a drawer of unused scraps of former paintings and managed to make four 12″ x 12″ “quilts” that I then bound together. All in a day, which is kind of shocking compared to how long things usually take.

Unfortunately, I still need someone to show me how to photograph things better. No matter how much I tried to color correct this it still has too much contrast. The whole piece is much more muted and soft in person.

Obviously I have much to learn and allowed myself to make a lot of mistakes I was aware of as I was making them, but the exercise was to get myself repetitions so I became familiar with the machine. Next I’ll take on better planned out designs, curves and such, and slowly build up my competence. Meanwhile I’ll be able to use these techniques with the painting, safety-pinning, collage and wood work I already use in my work.

All in all I’m excited to see where this goes. I’ll post a detail shot after the jump, though it is similarly hampered by poor photography skills (and the fact that I only had a half hour to photo it before having to go to bed).




3 Responses to “So It Finally Comes To This”

  1. Rita Childress Says:

    HELL YES!!!!

  2. jasongrayfineartist Says:

    This is looking good, JD! To hell with safety pins!!!

    What kind of camera gear are you working with? Email me your specs (camera/lens, lighting, tripod, etc.), and I’ll get you through it.

  3. J.D. Hastings Says:

    Hey, Jason, thanks for the offer. Here’s Flickr’s scary, if immediately helpful, summary of the camera and settings I used- all apparently automatically listed and open to the public.

    I’ll probably be making that private soon.

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