Two Views (Again)

As I attempted to discuss two weeks ago part of what I have been exploring with this process is working the same plate twice. Mostly it’s just because it gives me a chance to continue to figure out how to manipulate the materials. If I put the ink down this way this is what happens and if I go back and do it another way I get to see what happens when I do that. It’s a slow process of trying to get a command over some pretty lo-fi technology, but it’s also fun and I’m actually wondering what would happen if I did the whole thing even more low tech and use a rolling pin or something. Maybe I’ll run over my plates with my car, I don’t know, but I like how a simple change in viscosity here can produce two very different moods in the same visual structure.


3 Responses to “Two Views (Again)”

  1. This opens a vast new analog dialogue. I needed to throw in that pun.
    But seriously, there’s something of primitive early silver print photography here. Love it.

  2. Hi Toni,

    I ran into your work via one of those weird ass convoluted meanderings that always seem to happen when I am online. One thing led to another and I ended up somehow on a page called ‘Gutter Bravado’ and saw some images by you and thought I’d search your name and found this page. I really like your work, and so I wanted to let you know. Keep on keepin’ on. BTW, where are you located? Your studio space looks great. Looks like a mountain cabin or something.

    Anyway, take care.


    • Toni Tiller Says:

      hey coke,

      nice to meet ya! gutters an old pal from other parts of the internet and has graciously posted my work on his site. i really appreciate you taking the time to have a peek at what i get up to, and even more so that you took a moment to tell me. the idea that i can reach out and connect with someone visually through the internet is fascinating and exciting.

      i’m up in CT, in the woods, on the side of what could either be called a small mountain or a very large hill. i just added that porch/studio space and it’s changed everything. it’s pretty easy to be happy working out there.

      anyway, thanks for stopping by, i hope to see you again here some time.


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