New WIP Up Close/ Fun & Fruity

WIP detail by StephG
detail, acrylic on panel

I’m surrounded by works in progress right now, so I figured I’d post a handful of detail shots today. I often start a painting by laying down highly saturated layers of paint. The final piece rarely ends up being so intensely bright as the initial stages, but it’s fun to start this way and reshape things as I go.

Three more details after the jump!

WIP detail by StephG

WIP detail by StephG

WIP detail by StephG

Arrrighty, thassit!


9 Responses to “New WIP Up Close/ Fun & Fruity”

  1. J.D. Hastings Says:

    Makes me want candy

  2. Sarah B. Says:

    Makes me want popcicles.

  3. Enigmatic pieces. Looks like a close orbit of Jupiter.

  4. i was kidding. it’s not paint. it’s fruit flavored vomit! hahaha! gotcha!

  5. Patsy Kline comes to mind.

  6. […] this the other day and I’m pretty happy with it. I showed you details of it recently, and thought at the time that in the final piece the saturation would be knocked down much farther […]

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