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I had this big plan yesterday, I was going to tackle my over flowing barn, run for an hour, swim for a half hour, and then go home and start making art at 10 pm. Pretty ambitious. It started out on schedule but sort of slowly deflated as the day went on, I tackled the overflowing barn, went running for 45 minutes, swimming for 15, and then said “Screw art” and passed out on my bed and had a dream about an Chinese psychic telling me to remove the scissors of my mind. When I woke up I realized I was short an art project but the nice dream lady reminded me that I used to do collage, so I thought I’d dust off one of those. There will be new art next week. I think.

What is the special of the day?


One Response to “From The Archives”

  1. markie b Says:

    toni, sometimes a sausage is just a sausage. or whatever that thing is. just sayin. 🙂

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