A Bit Of Late Night Gardening

My struggle with making abstract art is long documented here but I have been assured that this is part of the process, that if you just kind of push through things slowly start to make more sense and I think I am starting to get it. The questions of where to start, how to formulate a concept, or how to make something that isn’t just a complete mess have always eluded me but the other night after getting home from dinner with friends, it was late and I was feeling relaxed and thought about trying something different.

So I gabbed my flashlight, my scissors, and started hacking up chunks of the lawn. Feel free to imagine me looking like this.

Thinking grass could make for interesting decisive resistance marks I decided to make certain restricted choices in the way of repetitive lines, from there I chose three columns (partially informed by the size of my plate) and that I wanted them to become shorter and less dense with each row. I was hoping for a significant contrast between the background and the marks and was pleased with the mirrored accidents of the heavy black mark and the sharp white one. As I looked at the finished print I turned it different ways but settled on this one because it felt right, and while I still don’t totally understand what I made I do think I like it and that seems a good place to start, h


4 Responses to “A Bit Of Late Night Gardening”

  1. Tom Brown Says:

    saw-weet! I’ll take a copy of that print. How much? Let me know via FB.

  2. markie b Says:

    it’s really a great experimental starting point! now, throw in a few bugs and VOILA! 🙂 btw, it really looks like an old photo, right?

  3. thats great…had an idea and you just ran with it. goods stuff

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