Monotype: House Boys Don’t Do Windows

I think a true nightmare might just be being a page for a congressman. This is a first attempt at an interpretation of a Toni Tiller dream.
From Tiller’s FB page:
“Last nights dream – tom bennett was the nude valet for newt gingrich, performing the basic everyday head houseman skills; announcing guests, co-ordinating staff, and managing his employers social schedule. the nudity wasn’t a purient thing, newt just liked to explore the power of his reach, too bad that it all came out and cost him the 2012 nomination.”
Her blog, Last Night’s Dream
The drawing is a bit weird: it becomes a woman below the waist. And the ass has a stain. None of that was not a consciously intentional thing. I’m going to be sick now.

 Study for a nightmare: Valet
Study for a Dream: Gingrich’s Valet, monotype, 18″ x 14″


2 Responses to “Monotype: House Boys Don’t Do Windows”

  1. markie b Says:

    jesus. h. christ. the h stands for HURL. no actually this one is really fun. and i mean fun without the valley girl accent, or the batty older rich woman-with-nothing-better-to-do-but-spend-money vibe. i don’t not love this not unfractured and more than vaguely disturbing un-sculpuresque monotype.
    hearts, mark

  2. Not terribly said.

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