I’m thinking about calling this one “Fruity Five Finger Closed Fist Kiss”

acrylic on panel
29 x 18 inches

Finished this the other day and I’m pretty happy with it. I showed you details of it recently, and thought at the time that in the final piece the saturation would be knocked down much farther than this. Well, I was wrong.  !  Upon closer inspection of my most recent work, it seems my palette is shifting.  For quite a while, I wasn’t able to call a painting finished until I’d glazed the hell out of it and brought it to a fairly monochromatic state.  As you can see, this is changing.  I wonder if it’s due partly to the fact that I’m now working much more with acrylics and fun acrylic mediums that allow me to simultaneously build dimension AND impart translucence into the paint.  Or maybe it has something to do with environmental factors.  It’s no longer just me and the cats all day.  Our relative silence is now shattered several times a day by veritable tornadoes of young visitors. Maybe it’s just that I’m eating so much fruit. I’ve enjoyed some amazing peaches lately. And HOTDAMN! if cherries didn’t go on sale! You know how I love cherries. Well, Jason knows anyway. I dunno.  Regardless of why, this is where I’m at.

Click in for a whole mess of detail shots after the jump! 

Alors, c’est ca!
a bientot,


2 Responses to “I’m thinking about calling this one “Fruity Five Finger Closed Fist Kiss””

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  2. […] one are the masonite shapes floating inside the circle on this painting, and it’s related to this painting I finished not too long ago.  I don’t have a decent photo of the finished piece yet because […]

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