New Painting! I’m either gonna call this one “I Like Bananas and Laughing”

or “Gilding the Ilk”. Maybe we should take a vote. We can do that here, can’t we? Hmmn. Hmmn. Yeah. Weigh in under the comment section if you like me and don’t want me to quit being an artist, k? I promise your vote counts.

24 x 24 inches
acrylic and gold leaf on panel

Or maybe I should call it “Popcorn and Dental Floss Make Great Bed Fellows. Don’t forget to vote!

And now, for the real reason we’re all here. PORN! Lots and lotsa porn after the jump!
eheheheheheh just kidding. But you’re here aintcha? Who’s a little pervert? Who’s a little bitty interwebs pervyperv?
Right. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, details:

OK, I’m out.


11 Responses to “New Painting! I’m either gonna call this one “I Like Bananas and Laughing””

  1. False advertisement!

    I Like Bananas and Laughing.

  2. wow. i thought i set this to post Saturday cuz i’m away this weekend. damn. ah well, that’s one vote for i like bananas and laughing!

  3. markie b Says:

    hey! i thought *I* was the beardo….I’m the one who likes banannas and laughing. there, that settles it.

    YOU MUST CONTINUE TO BE AN ARTIST!!! you are so fracking talented and there’s noone else like you. please do not stop. 🙂

  4. I vote for “I Like Bananas and Laughing.”

    • that’s three for “I Like Bananas and Laughing”. zero for other. Thanks for weighing in, Helen! Maybe Jane and Miren could vote, too? Unless they’re too busy eating kitty kibble that is.

  5. Beardo the Weirdo Says:

    For clarification. My full title is Beardo the Weirdo.

    • what a weird coincidence. my full title is just Weirdo. my sidekick (or maybe I’m his sidekick) Queer and I will be reuniting this weekend for a special performance in the picturesque Adirondacks.

  6. Toni Tiller Says:

    i like the bananas too, i approve of this, it reminds me of satan’s esophagus.

  7. […] in progress that’s awaiting my return back in lovely sweltering Western Mass.  Also, please go look and leave a vote for the title of my last finished painting that I accidentally posted earlier this […]

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