An Ideal Husband

I was hired to photograph scenes from Oscar Wilde’s play, “An Ideal Husband”, for a reading performance by Soundstage Productions at Artspace in Crestwood Mall. While the play is “read”, my images will be projected behind the actors as the visual draw. Strange coincidence that I started photographing for hire under the moniker Libertine Photography, after some of my favorite writers, including Wilde! It was a lot of fun shooting these, so if you are nearby, come and check it out. From their website:

“August 20 through August 29

Soundstage Presents: “An Ideal Husband”
Oscar Wilde’s “other” romantic comedy of manners pits a confirmed bachelor against the combined forces of women, parliament, trickery and love. A Theatre of the Mind production, directed by Erin Cooper.

Elizabeth Bowman
Jeffrey Dent
Terrence Donnelly
Mike Dowdy
Ann Egenriether
Colleen Forrest
Samantha Haase
Tom Moore
Macia Noorman
Gwynneth Rausch

Nada Vaughn, Assistant Director”

A couple more after the jump–>


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