More Grass, Less Ass

So while I was semi happy with last weeks posting, mainly for my interaction with the materials and if not the end result, I kind of wanted to go back to my little press on the porch and something more simple. Again, I am still pulling things up out of the lawn, grasses of different types, and trying out different things. With this one a few things happened, first, I thought I had the background ink down much heavier (a recurring issue) and I had the grass laid out in a more structured pattern. Then I moved the plate from the table to the press and they sort of slid and shifted, and thank goodness because this pattern is better than the one I made. Similar, but less rigid, and it made me realize I have two options while pursuing this; either be OK with everything shifting in transit, or ink my plate, lay it on the bed and work there.


2 Responses to “More Grass, Less Ass”

  1. This was a successful monotype. I love the texture. This would be a nice as a series with variations.

  2. i’m liking very much the way the background texture works with the linear marks in these. it’s a nice subtle echo. that’s one of the qualities i keep thinking about in the one you showed me. overall, these are delicate and have a sweet sense of fragile balance. i think Michie’s right. they will make a nice series.

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