FORM 2010

Sorry that I missed my friday post, but I had a good reason. Directly from work, I went out to support my wife at this event. Below, is an earlier post that I wrote advertising it, and there is a link to some pictures of my wife’s display at the very bottom.

Double-click pic to go to site.

My amazing and talented wife, Mandi, will be showcasing her design work at this new, annual exhibition which puts on display some of the best design work from the region and beyond. If you are around town, you should definitely come and check it out! For more info, read their info below or pick up a Riverfront Times and check out their recommended events for Saturday.

From FORM:
“FORM 2010 is the first installment of an annual contemporary furniture, functional object and architectural design show in Saint Louis, MO. Presented by The Luminary Center for the Arts, the two-day event will bring together some of the best designers and firms from around the country on August 13-14, with a focus on sustainable design. FORM is one of the first events of its kind in the area and is a developing platform for the cultivation of contemporary design in the region.

FORM is a fundraiser for The Luminary Center for the Arts, a nonprofit artist resourcing organization that that seeks to provide meaningful support to emerging artists, audiences and appreciators in the St. Louis area. Proceeds from FORM will benefit an innovative new artist equipment library at The Luminary, which will provide area artists and creative professionals with access to specialized equipment such as a woodshop, media lab, film and video equipment, and large format printers.”

FORM pics


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